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  • How to read ALL articles

    How to read ALL articles

    Guys , it is a shit, i don’t know why the blog only show up the last articles and not all of them . So, to read or search , do that : Then you open that : You can gave access to all the articles , fris one if the most recent . Comments…

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  • Pussy !

    Pussy !

    No one is suprised nowadays about the western societies totally degenerate . Im not here for politics, i don’t give a single fuck . But something i noticed with our dear women . 25 /20 years ago, life was normal, let’s say that you a guy who meet a girl and all was cool; more…

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  • Alpha Man

    Alpha Man

    What it takes to be an Alpha ? What does it mean ? How do we live ? what do we think ? First of all , the Alpha role is without any doubt the worst role a man can have on this planet . It is a lifetime of sacrifice . Sacrifice for the…

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  • Money VS no money

    Money VS no money

    The principle of money is evil , but smart guys can make it not evil . Wise guys will use as ticket to freedom , help other in need, and live healthy and free . Ignorants wiill use it to buy shits like big cars, houses, jewelry , all the illusion of the ego .…

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  • The role of the Kajira/slavegirl

    The role of the Kajira/slavegirl

    Here’s the main rules a slavegirl / kajira follow lifetime I include my own rules when i was in a 24/7 M/s 1 / slave honor Master in all ways possible, daily 2 / slave give care, assistance , service to Master body and soul 3 / If the needs of Master are sexual, she…

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  • Women obsolete soon ?

    Women obsolete soon ?

    I’ve read many times that in some Tech world, they are preparing androids , synthetic humans, whatever the name , to help humans . Yes, yes i’ve watched movies about i know the drill . But i saw recently that soon there will be articifial wombs . In order to damage control the lack of…

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  • Emotional incontinence or the non-intelligence

    Emotional incontinence or the non-intelligence

    AKA the plague of the humanity . HA FUCK MAN ! I noticed again very recently that emotional INCONTINENCE intelligence is something that must be saw as a PLAGUE ; I was honest to that chick telling her that her ass teasing was more painful to me than she thought i told her it is…

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  • What will i do ?

    What will i do ?

    Sometimes i ask myself if i have to feed the Bdsm within me, or give up ? . I ask myself that question , should i give up or not that damn Bdsm ? I will put all on the table and use the good old Greek Logos ( you guys it is the logic…

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  • My role as a Master

    My role as a Master

    If the Kajira as rules , the Master too . I share with you my rules that i always applied, never missed, never messed up . Master is always faithful to His Kajira Master protect his Kajira from all evil ; it include physical and mental protection Master educate and grow his Kajira to become…

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  • I’m back.

    I’m back.

    Thanks to the 300 + readers i had back in the days , but some of you knew the idiots here deleted my blog without any warning simply because i illustrated it with some cheap internet tits pix . Funny… The blog will have no pix, and will be minimalist as possible . No comments…

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