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  • Moving to Wyoming ( updated )

    Moving to Wyoming ( updated )

    HI Guys , Loooonng time ain’t ya ? Yep, i was busy . I moved to the US and visited Montana and Wyoming . I decided to move to Wyoming next year Rent a house, bring my pets of course , and i decided, it was a shock but it was a blessing to finally…

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  • Clown life won’t help true victims

    Clown life won’t help true victims

    Hey guys , We detailled in the previous articles all the possible skanks & creatures you can have nowadays, from the light dumbass to the full depressed clown degenerated . Alas , with all the  » i love to be a victim  » , comedians , skanks, diseased holes on anti depressants , daddy issued…

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  • How to read ALL articles

    How to read ALL articles

    Guys , it is a shit, i don’t know why the blog only show up the last articles and not all of them . So, to read or search , do that : Then you open that : You can gave access to all the articles , fris one if the most recent . Comments…

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  • Quit the hole !

    Quit the hole !

    I walked a few in the  » new Bdsm  » total shit world . I walked in some  » wesbite  » , including the  » famous one  » ; And the damages are here , i saw, it was a hit in the face . Ouch . OK you are here : Alpha dominant male…

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  • Daddy Issues forever !

    Daddy Issues forever !

    Like the life is not hard enough, our chicks made it a hell . The daddy issues . All guys faced that shit one day , some often, some always . Well, hahaah, i don’t know for anal, since i don’t care and don’t stick my cock into a chocolate factory anymore , i only…

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  • Skankie the skank.

    Skankie the skank.

    You guys i want to tell you about a skank i know , and my deep thoughts about her . When i mean a skank, i don’t exagerate , she’s a true skank . Very similar to the pix i use here, bald, tatttooed everywhere , really everywhere, green sick faced, rotten teeth , 37…

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  • Sane Bdsm VS Rotten Bdsm

    Sane Bdsm VS Rotten Bdsm

    I hope this article will help, since i analyzed allt he shit i saw . But i still thik i could call my blog  » Tales of a trash world  » . Ok you guys we will talk about what is the TRUE Bdsm and not the sick shit i can see everydays ( like…

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  • Pussy !

    Pussy !

    No one is suprised nowadays about the western societies totally degenerate . Im not here for politics, i don’t give a single fuck . But something i noticed with our dear women . 25 /20 years ago, life was normal, let’s say that you a guy who meet a girl and all was cool; more…

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