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Moving to Wyoming ( updated )

HI Guys ,

Loooonng time ain’t ya ?

Yep, i was busy .

I moved to the US and visited Montana and Wyoming .

I decided to move to Wyoming next year

Rent a house, bring my pets of course , and i decided, it was a shock but it was a blessing to finally live th rest of my life among animals, wild nature, and far as possible from humans . They are TOO dumb, really TOO dumb .

It is above what i can handle , and despitae the fact that i won my freedom ( money ) 5 years ago , im happy for that, but not fully happy .

I worked the hell, went into hell and survived with all the betrayals ( of whores obviously )and all the wounds , but i survived, the Gods granted me my wishes .

But, all is too plastic, bling bling, superficial .

I can feel blessed to do not have to cook or clean , i have housebitches, neither get depressed to listen to the bullshit of a  » nowadays  » woman out of control to empty my balls, i just have to phone call my fav hookers and i have 2 Russians bombshells within the hour to workship my cock .

The doors that open the money is far beyond all the dreams .

But, apart some guitars and guitar amps that i love, i never been into cars, jewelry, watches, or shits like that . I dont give a fuck, and for the price of a watch i always prefered to help an animal sancturay, or help some people in need; The bling bling is a total illusion and a trap for the soul .

People into bling bling, illusion, buying luxury villas, cars etc, or instawhores are a complete mess and they are at the end just dumbasses enslaved by their own illusions . It a a joke, a masquerade, a clown world .

Anyway, im not old , not young either, so i decided to get out of that world of shit, superficial, and go back to the nature .I Visited the city of Cheyenne and i loved it . It is nothing bling bling , just a wild west city ans i loved it .

I dont know if i told you guys, but i always been a fan of Native people and i will have the chance to meet Natives .

So,i switch to another stuff, just to remind how dumb , scared, anxious , pityful, mediocre , weak are people, not humans anymore .

I know it is a part of the game, the humanity always face up and won, and here a picture that explain it all :

Well , it is factual don’t you ?

I had a friend on the phone recently, that dude, as milions dudes have hard time to find a chick with a clean ass and some brain & values, he always find evil,dumbasses, whores from hell , low IQ bimbos who only think about their make up and the next selfies to show on social medias , and crazy about how many  » likes  » she will have .

Zero knowledge, culture , nothing, it is the void, the vacuity . My buddy tried to talk about Plato , when the cunt replied  » what is Plato ?  »

Ouch …

so , basically, poor dude, he caught a 60 years old ( still fuckable ) granny, he had a good contact, and between my bud haven’t fucking for years, and the granny have a depressed fatass husband home . So he proposed the granny to handjob him because my bud, that’s true, was in a true mess of the famous  » blue balls pain  » . That old goat refused . LOL .

I sent bucks to my buddy and told him to purge his balls with some cool hookers around instead of begging a dumbass granny who don’t even know what she want after all .

5 minutes in heat, 5 minutes after she is cold as an ice cube .

 » Tell her to go fuck herself , that old goat « .

that ‘s what i said to my buddy about that wrinkled pair of pissflaps .

Even a granny became mentally retarded like a millenial , rough ain’t you ?

It is embarrassing for a man to have full blue balls and cannot be able to get hard to cum out that sperm . It hurts, it nuke the mind, your are aggressive, you are sad, you sleep bad, it is a natural cycle of the nature .

Don’t you think that old whore can understand that and jerk off my friend quickly to release him is a true help? to see if it is his libido or worse, another problem ?

It is too hard to jerk off a friend quickly ?

take the same problem to a woman, and men will jelp, like they give a fuck to help to jerk off . But cunts, haaaaa, cunts, anything is complicated when it is simple . why make life easy when they can make life complicated ?

Chicks are too dumb to understand that lack of jizzing lead to prostate cancer or they simply don’t give a fuck ?

well ,

I dont know how much time i will live, but i know i will live the rest of my fucking life with the fresh air of the wild west . Buy my a good old Ford pickup , some good old lver action rifles like a Marlin trapper or so, and no matter how i can always make my music form home .

As i never liked the hot weather, i will enjoy the damn hell cold of Wyoming ( i never experienced it yet , looll brrrrrrr , but i know the European Cold )

I just need to go back to the nature, like a primal call within my soul, and getting far as possible from that rotten humanity so stupid, dumb …. Each time i meet a new asshole they remind me my ex lol

by the way that humans ass paper ( my ex ) read that blog, so,  » hello ass paper, how are you ? still used as an ass paper by your fat obese  » BDSM  » guys who expose your ass all over the net ? You have not understand that you are used like an ass paper ? how are the trash street gang bangs ? no getting any diseases now ? it will come soon , and you will rot alone in your death bed like the turd you ever been » = LMAO , poor rotten soul, it is just the beginning of your fall into your own hell . May your life be long as possible ahahah 😀

anyway , we make our fate don’t you ?

I wanted to say you  » farewell  » guys , maybe i will find me a gentle Squaw , who knows, but all of the ancient world i knew, the real BDSM is dead, and over . Maybe one day, when that joke world will end and we will have to build a new world , sane and clean, yes, but for now, the only  » BDSM  » you have is that famous shithole woke degenerate on the net, famous  » website  » lol , for  » people in the BDSM  » = LMAO the joke .

Im not telling the name of that shit hole place, but you all guess it

A lair for all the sickos, the woke, the shit, the subhumans, the degenerate , the climatards, ( anything that end up with tard ) , all the subhumans who believes in anything it is said who swallow all the shit with an open mouth . We all pay the price one day after all .

The can all go fuck themselves , I LIVED the true Bdsm i know what it is , they will NEVER live it, just fap between friends on some retarded libtards sluts diseased and mentally deranged who read 50 SHADES OF TURDZ .

So i totally see myself with my gentle squaw on my lap, reading a book , near the chimney, my pets, and nothing else that the wild around us .

Living or surviving in a pool filled with diarrhea is not my stuff, and i paid enough to have to right and deserve to be happy once in my fucking life .

So, guys, i really dont know for now if i will get back to you , but take care of you, keep on fighting for your better life you deserve, stay far from the  » out of control  » whores , ( there’s obviously some good i know ) , stay far from assholes,we are living a damn shit epoch were everyone is more or less fucked in the head. But never lost your goal, keep on fighting, trust in your life, yourself, your soul :


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