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Clown life won’t help true victims

Hey guys ,

We detailled in the previous articles all the possible skanks & creatures you can have nowadays, from the light dumbass to the full depressed clown degenerated .

Alas , with all the  » i love to be a victim  » , comedians , skanks, diseased holes on anti depressants , daddy issued , etc , there’s true victims . Alas .

That world never been to be an heaven . ( because we are too dumb as humans )

so, if that  » new society  » of clowns summoned all the floating turds from the sewer, it worked as well all the degenerate , perverts, sickos, etc etc

I am aware of true victims ( women ) of supreme assholes ( guys ) .

But with all the comedians we have now, how to see if that one is a true victim who need help and a true Alpha man to take her hand ?

What if it is just another dumbass comedian .?

A daddy issued , again ?

I dont  » damage control » the previous artciles , absolutly no , i’m just aware that in the middle of 1000 skanks, there’s one or 2 who really need help and suffered a lot .

Alas, the actual problem with the promotion of  » im an eternal victim of life  » , it create tons and tons of comedians who are such comedians and self victim to have attention, that you cannot really see if she’s a true victim or just a simple dumbass .

That article guys is meant to be aware that there’s also real victims, real abused women, real people in need of help, love and a true Alpha man care .

It is a case by case, no surprise, you feel it inside you .

Dumb cunts comedians are nothing but little shits selfish. They don’t give a single fuck if there’s one woman in real need . They just work for their asses and steat what they can .

They are not aware one second their comedy and bullshit won’t help a true victim .

They don’t give a fuck to become internet whores or humans ass papers to have attention, they will not have any compassion or empathy towards a person in need .

So, guys, you feel it in your guts if there’s a good person in need, or that one is just another skank. Just flush the toilet, the turd will vanish .

trust your guts !


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