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Quit the hole !

I walked a few in the  » new Bdsm  » total shit world . I walked in some  » wesbite  » , including the  » famous one  » ;

And the damages are here , i saw, it was a hit in the face .

Ouch .

OK you are here : Alpha dominant male , looking for a submissive / slavegirl / Kajira .

You have experience, ( months, years , clubs, relationship ) , and now you are alone so you thought it could be a good idea to meet a good girl .

Alright ? Nothing wrong with that .

So you walk around the internet, on some  » specialized  » fetish/ Bdsm / Bdsm minded wesbites ..

 » why i tried Bdsm websites ?  »

1 hour later, you are here . You cannot believe what you see, hear, read .

The level of dumbtardness is so high, you have instant headaches , depression, you fart like a hog , you feel puky, lost .

Stop here, swicth off that fucking computer !

ok, breath , deep and slow .


Something i will never understand in my quest to explore the fucked up human mind is that :

WHY THE FUCK , when shit hit the fan, why people don’t gather each other and support each others ?

It seems to me the basic human / social conception of everything in life ;

Or im wrong ?

But nope, everyone live in it’s own hell, make hell to live for the others , and eventually end up all alone, even more depressed, fucked up, etc etc ..

So, why the fuck the basica human relfex don’t come up to gather and support ? instead of living in their own fucked up world made of illusion, dopamine addiction , and selfishness ?

Is some can explain me WHY ?

I think no one can answer my question and until some brain not dead understand what is the solution, the problem will rot slowly .

When i walked around those fucked up websites , it was more degenerate than my brain could imagine .

I wanted to take screen captions to show you guys how fucked it is . From simple profile to description, to even pix .

It is ravaged ; looked like some nukes came around but in the brains .

Obviously, to avoid any shit i will not put screen caps here but i encourage you to watch by yourself how degenerate and ravaged it is . I dont even know if there’s words to describe the mental diarrhea .

But for you, to avoid any shit, avoid that degeneration !

wank , stay alone, but to add more dramas in your life that we all ever have now, no thanx !

Over all , that article is not that different than the previous about the fucked daddy issued , just more detailled about what i saw in the global degeneration .

Again, i think i should have named that blog  » Tales of a global degeneration  » .

I will need weesk to detail what i saw, but between the depressed barely legal hoe who wish to commit suicide 24/7 , the obese who pull her nipples like hell , claim she’s in a monogamous relationship and rub her ass everywhere , or the anal queen who sell cheap videos with an asshole large as a truck wheel , sorry , but it is NOT the Bdsm to me .

Just degeneration named  » Bdsm  » .

Overall i saw 2 main points : they either get hysterical if they don’t have what they want , or play comedy like  » ok you listen to my bullshit and maybe you will have my holes  »

very, very, very typical .

But that’s all .

Really all .

So it is high agressivity , hysteria , violence, or the well known comedy  » pussy blackmailing  » .

For now guy, i have not solution, apart to tell you 2 things, no, 3 :

1 / keep the faith and imagine constantly despite all the shit that you will find the right one

even there’s 99,9% of darkness, there’s 0;1% of light .

It is an eternal rule, i repeat again, but nothing can exist without it’s own contrary ( regardless of the balance level between the 2 ) . It is called a Dichotomy .

2 :/ keep alone, wank to do not keep cum in your body too long , and manage each days as you can

3 / if you don’t know what kind of job to do, anything with pyschology seems to me a huge business .

Stay in the light !


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