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Daddy Issues forever !

Like the life is not hard enough, our chicks made it a hell .

The daddy issues .

All guys faced that shit one day , some often, some always .

Well, hahaah, i don’t know for anal, since i don’t care and don’t stick my cock into a chocolate factory anymore , i only facefuck .

But i wouldn’t be surprised .

So what is wrong with that shit ?

First it is a failed education, parenting fail, lack of discipline, values, traditions, sane education, btu social shit, tv, , all the possible crap idiotic parents educate with . But i talk about juicy shit, , the real that nuke brains forever .

Like me, you can see everydays the world is fucked, ruined, degenerated, ravaged . Ok , we all know the crap . But daddy issues ?

It is really necessary ?

No it is not, of course .

What is wrong with a daddy issues ,it is the temper totally lost all the time . And unless you want to spank the hoe like a dumb teen 12 years old, you can’t even dream about a real human adult responsible relationship . You can call that a  » relationshiT « 

What to do ? you can have faith and drag all your life a tard LIKE THAT . Because sooner or later you will end up spanking her while she shit in her diapers, or something degenerate like that .

But it is your life, well, it is fine buddy ;

The problem is not minor, it is a huge one, everywhere, worldwide .

Some, of course, plays the daddy issued in order to have attention , or bucks, or both .

Like the pic shows, remember they have NO mercy, NO limits, NO morality , NO values , NO boundaries , NO brain, and even no souls .

It is a self suicide to swallow the lies of that kind of creature and believe what they shit from their mouths .

Daddy issues are : Colored hairs ( blue, green pink, ) , skinny or obese , emo, tattoed everywhere , weed smoker , depressed , lazy , maniac , moody like hell , whinny , etc ,etc

Always the same mental scheme . No surprise .

The often have rags problems too .

Try by yourself , you will see . I noticed and tried, it seems they are cloned . Really weird .

It is a fucking huge problem guys , what can we do with that ?

many of them will end up depressed, on medics lifetime , maybe dead before the hour , but i don’t foresee a good outcome for that kind of sicko / comedians .

Obviously, the  » i love to be a victim  » lifestyle took over any formss of mental sanity nowadays , so, basically, it is :  » deal with a tard, or wank all alone .  »

I know we are frustrated and we need to fuck, i know we need a gentle girl with a normal and functional brain, mentally stable, i know guys .

But that kind of fucked up, just run away ( like i mentionned before in a previous article ) ,

Don’t get foodel by their call :  » save me, white knight, i’m a daddy issue  »

You will waste your life, your energy , and even soil yourself ejaculating in those diseased holes .

There’s no cure, and no magic .

Run, that’s all . Wank 2 or 3 times before opening the gates of hell because that kind of tard, garantee, looks for nothing but a partner to go in hell .

You will never knew where she dragged her holes , or what kind of fuckied up stories she have been into , i bet you don’t want to get jailed because of a comedian whore half retarded ?

You see, don’t expect a lot about a daddy issues , expect nothing good actually, because once they tasted the comedy, and found a beta male ready to become a human mop for her, she never stops


And , again, NO mercy , NO limits , NOTHING .

Just become a human ass paper until she find someone else with a bigger dick, bigger bank account etc .

All guys laugh about Daddy issues because we find that so ridiculous, mediocre , retard .

But the problem is real, pretty real, and there’s more and more everydays . Like cockroaches if you wish .

If wish it was a joke article, a satyre, but nope guys, the shit is real .

Daddy issues, mentally affected by a failed parenting or simply comedy are a real shit.

Problem with comedians, once they tasted it, they never go back, so they lost themselves into a role they enjoyed to have benefits, until they end up alone, fat and depressed .

In the end the fate will never be tender wiht that kind of creature , be sure .

They do anything for attention since their soul is lost in their own limbos , and then, once they have no more attention, get old, or people using them as memes , the fate claim it’s due .

Ruined lives just because of attention ?

Really ?

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