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Skankie the skank.

You guys i want to tell you about a skank i know , and my deep thoughts about her .

When i mean a skank, i don’t exagerate , she’s a true skank . Very similar to the pix i use here, bald, tatttooed everywhere , really everywhere, green sick faced, rotten teeth , 37 years old with 2 kids living in Indonesia but im not sure of the country

Alone and bum . I gave her bucks some months ago , enough for some days of hotel ; some clothes to buy , taking showers, eat normal food , etc .

I had the bad idea to accept her phone number and answer on my whatsTHEFapp . Since now she write me and tell me stories ..Many are so idiotic, so out of space, girl took too much LSD her brain is liquid .

She tried to find one story to give me pity and help her ass. I knew anyway the bucks i gave her were already wasted in booze and drugs .

Each days , barely, it was a new story, completly different than the previous one . And what was fucked up was her idiotic way to squat her ass everywhere . One week a dude, one week another , moving from town to town . Collecting shitty messy stories with bums, crackheads, lame wannabe gangsters, etc .

I understand that in her position, as homeless, she used her survival skills to offer her holes to have a roof . I got that because if she could make it , why not .

A dude sane could understand that, and offer protection, food, anything needed even temporary , if the chick offer her holes , clean a little the pad, cook or at least try to ease the day of the dude.

It is a fair sharing , conscious or unconscious, it seems to me fair .

I could give time for her to find a job , and later on her own pad etc .

but ..

What you can expect with a chick like that ?

One day i chatted out of nowhere with a drunk dude, and he knew her , he told me why she was constantly kicked out . She give her holes and stay quiet for some days, and she start to drink, puke everywhere, piss everywhere, ( that’s enough ok ) walk out and bring bums in the house of the dude .. the pad become a smoking pot pad .

I would kick her as out immedialty as well the crackheads, of course . Who can tolerate that ?

Skank should have been more smart , and do not fecth subhumans from the skidrows . Better quite, calm, sober as she can, holes ready, cook and clean the pad. The dude would appreciate that and kept her safe . Such an idiotic cunt …

I feel sad for that skank because you cannot help her even if you want and can . It is a skank like millions other, she’s not one a zillion, there’s everywhere skanks like that in big cities.

It is impossible to kick her ass to go to work, she’s so lazy . I never saw such a lazy ass .

I saw her recently, she was drinking wine early morning, with a subhuman , certainly a random 60 years old guy drunk to death , that she rimmed the arse for some squatting .

Her eyes had a strange void in them . Of course when you drink booze early in the morning ..Not to count the shit she certainly took the whole last night ..

I think that cunt waste her life, and how far she gone, i dont see any positive way out for her . That kind of idiots always end up dead behind a dumpster, sold as a sex slave somewhere, or pimped , but the karma is never tender with that kind of skanks .

Most of the time, people create their own hell .

But, Bdsm talking, that skank, if she was under the wing of Master, could have been saved .

I talk about a firm authority, mostly military , wiht high protocol , and ass caning immedialty in cas eof mess ; Old School Bdsm with zero tolerance

no phone, no internet and work at the farm among animals, no cigs, no weed, no drugs, no booze, with a supervision of a doc too , and i believe that skank could have been saved .

just books, candle light, water, veggies and a firm taming .

Taught to suck properly hands free, on order, real hygiene , sleep on her straw mattress in the dungeon etc . No guys, i talk about a severe Bdms education

it could have saved her life .

But, we always have the choice, if skank decided to ruin her life, she will die without any doubt in huge suffering, one way or another .

What she don’t know now, if she die, she will be reincarnated over and over again in the same reality until she make it .

like  » game over, insert coin to continue  » .

Ouch …

May you make it Skankie the skank, but i have real doubts .

take care !


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